Let’s go on a virtual wild cat safari!

This is going to be the dumbest blog post ever, but today I discovered the most adorable wild cats ever and I can’t help but share a few photos.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you sand kittens!


sand catI want to squish it with cuddles.

So then I just fell down a rabbit hole of reading about and discovering these crazy- yet adorable-looking wild cat species. But I’m just going to share the photos here because that’s all that’s really important. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pallas’s Cat (what I believe to be an Ewok bred with a cross between a normal cat and a yeti):


Caracal kittens (no words needed):


Not quite  a cat, but still squish-able, the fennec fox:


Not a wild cat, but still cute, munchkin cat (an actual genetic deviation in domestic cats in which they have short, stubby legs but long bodies, like dachshunds):

tumblr_lgoyd0GPvE1qaj3gnAnd for anyone that makes fun of you for blogging about or reading a post entirely of random cat pictures:


This blog post is my new happy place.



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2 responses to “Let’s go on a virtual wild cat safari!

  1. Sheila Kozmin

    You are truly a champion of all things cat!

  2. The Pallas’s cat looks like a hybrid of a regular cat and an alot to me:

    RELATED: There are baby lion cubs at the Woodland Park Zoo that I got to see last week. I’d tell you that they’re adorable, but that would clearly be redundant.

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