Facebook-stalking my cat

Yes, this is possible.

As part of my work with Anjellicle Cats Rescue, I started posting new photos of cats from weekend adoption events to the cat listings on AdoptaPet.com. As I was looking through the Facebook album from this past weekend (where we pull the photos from for the other website listings), I thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if there are any pics of Ali on here from when she was up for adoption?!?”

And guys, there were total professional-quality glamour shots of her!


*model face*


601401_10150988281280240_487408735_nWould it be weird if I got these printed and framed and hung one in a giant blown-up version above my fireplace? How come people can have paintings of their DOGS displayed in their homes, and this is very regal and aristocratic, but if you did it with your cats, it’s just plain weird?

OK, so on Saturday night I did see a man walking his cat on a leash in our neighborhood. And I feel so bad because the words, “Oh. My. God.” escaped from my mouth before I could stop them, and the man kind of gave me a look like, “What is your problem?!?” And I wanted to tell him, “Oh, no, this is amazing. I LOVE cats! My cat won’t even let me hug her properly, and your cat is outside! That is wonderful. What a feat.”

But I mean, if you are walking your cat on a leash in a very public place on a Saturday night, you’ve gotta know you’re going to get some funny looks. Especially if your cat wanders off into the doorway of a bar, as this cat was doing, getting laughter from a lot of drunk people stepping out for a cigarette break.

The cat seemed quite content and unphased by the whole ordeal, by the way.

Anyway, cats are awesome — on leashes or off of them. And I am so glad to have Ali-girl/Miss Kitty/Cuddlebug/other-embarrassing-names-I-call-my-cat-when-no-one-is-around in my life!

I’d adopt you again in a heartbeat, cat-daughter.

OK. I’ll stop.


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  1. Perfectly acceptable to have professional cat photos in beautiful frames on your walls.

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