Spring organization

drawerEarlier this evening, after a Sunday of much cleaning and a Monday of working late, I guess I got really caught up in a bout of productivity and stopped by The Container Store on my way home. I wish I hadn’t.

It’s two floors of products for your every organizational need — even those you didn’t think you had. It’s a place of doom for the wallets of perfectionists. I managed to escape with only three items. Mainly because one was a bulky canvas container and the other was a long box containing a two-tiered shoe rack and I was going to tote them all home on public transportation. Because in addition to being a perfectionist, I am also incredibly frugal.

Yes, I was that girl everyone gave death stares when she carried on her Santa Claus-worthy sack of home organization goods onto the 6 train. And into the CVS pharmacy line. But whatever. I GOT ORGANIZED.

I came home, and assembled the shoe rack by myself. Then I re-organized the bottom of our closet, gaining at least two square feet of storage space “beneath” our closet. I re-folded all of the towels in the linen closet, and placed all of my kitchen towels and washcloths in a snazzy new container. I emptied out the only real drawer in my kitchen, my kitchen cart drawer (above), and organized all my culinary gizmos and gadgets.

I am very pleased with my de-cluttered spaces.

Now I am envisioning a fully re-organized apartment, with little compartments and crannies for everything, from paper clips to old birthday cards. Whole empty, spacious rooms will spring up from nowhere, giving our little home infinite possibilities.

Did I mention that The Container Store is only two blocks away from my office? Oh, dear me.


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