The Laziest Saturday

MV5BNzQ1NDA3ODg2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjczNzEyNw@@._V1._SX640_SY501_We slept in until nearly NOON today…after going to bed at 10 yesterday. How is that even possible? I guess a busy, busy weekend last week with our special visitor and then a full work week caught up to me. It doesn’t help that our bedroom is like a cave with a tiny window (with a curtain) that gets next to no natural light because it looks into an air shaft at other people’s windows.

Sean likes to refer to sleeping for such long periods of time as “hibernation.” That’s a nice way to put being lazy.

I achieved very little else today. We did finish most of our Christmas shopping (online), I read some more of my current read (The God of Small Things), and then we ate gyros and watched A Hard Day’s Night, The Beatles’ first film. It was cute, and featured The Beatles in their early matching-haircuts-matching-suits-with-skinny-ties days. The plot was basically: The Beatles run away from swarms of crazy, screaming fans, and play some songs. Like “A Hard Day’s Night.”

What I really want to watch is:


As in, George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, as performed by the New York City Ballet. You know, the 1993 filmed version starring Macaulay Culkin. But Netflix says “very long wait” when I put it in the queue, because I guess everyone else had the same idea, so now I’m just going for pure nostalgia.

ckWgV3viStWazMYo7PBc6ZfrapPThis is the 1990 animated film The Nutcracker Prince, which I used to watch on the Disney Channel this time of the year EVERY year with my younger brother. You can find the entire movie on YouTube, which I think is probably illegal for the person to have uploaded, but not illegal for me to innocently watch.

It’s no ballet, but it does feature the original Tchaikovsky musical score…and animated battle scenes between rats and dolls. What more could you want to get in the holiday spirit, really? Except for maybe a free Kindle download of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which I think is totally going to happen.



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