Happy almost-Friday!

It’s almost Friday.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is God’s gift to womankind.

jglYou’re welcome.

588_640You’re really welcome.

12772223240Did I mention tomorrow is Friday? How happy are you right now?

I used to think celebrity crushes were dumb, and then I saw JGL. So most celebrity crushes are dumb.

This post is inspired by my end-of-week laziness and new male co-worker, who dresses like JGL’s character in 500 Days of Summer. Sweater vests, skinny ties. Gentlemen! Take note. This is how to win over the ladies. There are no single young ladies in my office, but when New Male Co-Worker walked in with a sweater vest and skinny tie, we all turned into giggling schoolgirls and individually complimented him. “You look NICE today!” “Someone dressed classy today!” You know…
(Single ladies of New York, let me also mention that this fellow is very polite and calls his mom during lunch breaks and enjoys Lolita, Parks & Recreation, and playing basketball. He also told me he thought the female receptionist on our floor was cute, so I know he’s not too good to be straight. Did I mention that in addition to wearing skinny ties, he is also easy on the eyes? We share a cubicle, so I can let you know everything. Please let me play matchmaker. My love life is predictable.)
jgl clothesThe last couple of paragraphs were primarily included so that I could include these photos of JGL in 500 Days of Summer, to illustrate what good fashion taste his character has. I mean, if you walked into your office and saw THAT, I promise you that you would be there at 9 a.m. sharp every. single. day.
Did you know that my in-laws think I look like the actress Anna Kendrick? I don’t really see it because she is a million times prettier than me, and I think they only say that because she is really awkward in 50/50 and I can also be really awkward. But then two other random people also told me I looked like her.
And I’m OK with that because…because JGL totally likes her in 50/50. And *spoiler alert* they go on a date at the end of the movie. And if people think I look like someone JGL would want to take on a date, then fine. I can handle that.
I’m glad I got that out of my system. I’m also glad that Sean only thinks I blog about my cat. Ha. Silly boy. He thought by taking me to see Looper I would no longer be obsessed. That film simply taught me that JGL is the world’s most attractive druggie hit-man.

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One response to “Happy almost-Friday!

  1. Dear Rebecca,

    Your blog brings a smile to my face all the time. I love the little tangent about your new co-worker. I hope you have great success setting him up (that is, of course, if he wants to be set up?) Also, you and Sean are super adorable and if you ever stop having a fairly predictable love life I will probably bawl and stop believing there is love in the world. No pressure.


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