Lunch Hour Discovery

While I am enjoying my new job, today I had a wee bit too much downtime because my supervisor was out of the office and hadn’t given me enough assignments, so I decided to explore Midtown East a bit during my lunch hour. Although I prefer to pack my own lunch, as I did today, because it is healthier and cheaper than going out, I thought it would be nice to find some sort of public outdoor space at which to enjoy a quiet lunch.

After a little Yelp-ing, I discovered this beautiful urban oasis:

A waterfall? In New York City? Yes, really. No, not naturally.

This gorgeous little green retreat, called Greenacre Park, was just a 10 minute walk from my office on Park Ave. This well-landscaped courtyard was discretely nestled between two buildings in the east 50s near 3rd Ave, right in the heart of otherwise boring corporate New York. If you are not familiar with Midtown NYC, basically it’s just a bunch of high-rise office buildings and delis and cafes to feed the many people who work in those office buildings. There are many-laned, busy streets, wide and crowded sidewalks, many suits, and no trees. It’s probably the version of New York non-city people would cite as to why they are NOT city people.

But then, just when you least expect it, you can turn the corner and find something lovely like this. It was quite crowded with other working people during the lunch hour, and it was refreshing to see a lot of other people brown-bagging it. Some people had come with a co-worker or two, but most were enjoying a little peace of mind. Some were simply reading. It was love at first sight for me and this little park. I’ll definitely be returning often, for as long as the weather here stays this lovely!

This is the slightly elevated area of the park where you enter from the street. There were a bunch of these little cafe-style tables nestled under a shady canopy of trees.

New York is always full of surprises. As I was walking back to my office, I came across this interesting site, among all the run-of-the-mill skyscrapers (Not that I take skyscrapers for granted…skyscrapers are an awesome feat of engineering/architecture and use of limited space. Go humans!):

Obviously this is an older picture. But look at those arches! What’s a pretty, not-so-little thing like this doing in Midtown East?

After a lot of Google mapping and struggling to remember the route I took back to work, I learned this is The Raquet and Tennis Club. Yeah, I didn’t get it either, but Wikipedia told me that this is a private, ultra-exclusive, formerly men’s-only social and athletic club. Construction was completed in 1918 on this Italian Renaissance-style building. See? You learn something new everyday.

Also, when I was walking, I saw a large group of Asians wearing business professional attire all using their phones/digital cameras to snap the same photo (of the MetLife building) at the same time while stopped before a crosswalk. It was the sort of moment when I wished I had a camera and photography skills to capture it, but instead I just had to resort to writing the last sentence.

Speaking of other surprises, this morning when I got off the elevator at work, there were TV cameramen filming the realty people from Keller Williams NYC, who share our floor (and restrooms and break room). Crazy, huh? I’m not sure what it was for. Facebook inquiries suggested it might have been HGTV’s Selling New York, but I don’t really know. I recall seeing at least on KW guy on the show in the past, but I don’t remember what he looked like at all.

Anyway, I like my job so far, and I would even if the Greenacre Park wasn’t so close by. I got to write two short web stories today, and even though they were simple summaries of press releases, it was nice to crank out a couple of articles again. I am trying to teach myself a bunch of the InDesign keyboard shortcuts during any downtime, but I don’t know what a lot of the Mac OS shortcut symbols even mean, so then I have to study this chart, too. It’s been a while since I spent any significant time on a Mac. It makes me feel so very out-of-touch with technology because I struggle even to “right-click.” For you Windows loyalists who are confused, Mac mice don’t come with right-click buttons, so you have to click “control” while clicking the only mouse button.

To conclude, I’ll post this charming artistic rendition of Adobe Photoshop, an imagining of what the computer program would be like if it were a “real” work station instead of a computer program. (I’ve been playing with  working on Photoshop at work too, doing cutouts and stuff. Really, it is not fair that some of us get to play with photographs and get paid for it.)

If Photoshop were real…


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  1. You mean “It was the sort of moment when I wished I had a camera and photography skills to capture it, but instead I just had to resort to [using my mad word skillz.]”

    Also, you’re awesome and give me encouragement for exploring cities everywhere.

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